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Our Story

Camp of Acadiana is owned and operated by Michelle Armentor, Pamela Chauvin, Heather Comeaux, Melanie Morgan, and Amanda Rideaux. Together we have over 30 years of experience in child care.  A child is a parent's most precious possession. At Camp of Acadiana we understand this and will strive to meet the needs of every family enrolled in our program. We have come together to provide a quality summer program of activities for children under the supervision of mature, competent staff, in a safe, healthy, and fun atmosphere. Our goal is to create an enriched program that stimulates campers' imagination, creativity, and sense of community. Our summer camp is geared to meet the needs of children ages 5-11 years of age in a friendly and relaxed environment. Lastly, we want to provide a summer camp experience that will impress upon the camper the importance of friendship, independence, and cooperation.  

Thank you for choosing Camp of Acadiana.

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